When a blogger-mom can’t move as fast she wants to.

Rear view of a runner running in the country

This blogger-mom is pulling the plug on pressure.

I am talking to myself differently these days

God will lead me one step at a time.

  • No need to stay wound up in a tight ball.
  • No need to attempt to get over every writing hurdle in one day.

I can say this because I tried and it left me flat on my face.

When you’re a young writer-mom with many hats to wear you can sort of feel the balls dropping on your toes, and have the urge to push a little too hard in certain areas, to try and make up for the lack.

Because a blog is a tool, it can be powerful.

But it is not meant to be a tool to beat you to a pulp. I have let myself be beaten too many times to count. So where is the balance?

blogger mom balancing life

Part of learning the ropes of blogging is learning your personal pace.

My life right now consists of being a keeper of my people and home (this includes teaching and paying the bills plus yard stuff) and being a Sunday school teacher.

This is all I can handle and still write.

Yes, I dream of moving to New Zealand or Argentina to get that slow paced culture thing going, but I am not sure that is God’s plan for me right now.

For now overwhelmed blogger moms, let’s slow it sown and be content with the pace we need to go at to stay sane and still blog, AND be creatively resourceful in the process.

Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

I am sharing some neat freebies just to show you how easy it is!

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44 thoughts on “When a blogger-mom can’t move as fast she wants to.

  1. Dear Meg, Thank you for your encouragement today! There certainly have been times over the past year of blogging that I’ve needed to hear this: “No need to attempt to get over every writing hurdle in one day.” But you have been such an encouragement to me over these many months, to realize that it is all just a tool–a tool meant to share the words that Jesus puts in our hearts, one word at a time. I have been so blessed to read and to share here, and to see God’s leading along the path. Thank you for including me, newbie-blogger and oldster-style that I am! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my Friend!

  2. I love the thought of God leading us just one step at a time. That doesn’t sound overwhelming. But when I look at the end destination of something and wonder how in the world I’ll ever get there, I can be quite overwhelmed! Baby steps, that’s all he asks of us. Thanks for the encouragement, Meg!

  3. Meg… I love what you said about moving to a place where life moves more slowly is perhaps not being God’s plan for you right now! I so get that… One step at a time… Blessings!

  4. I let God control the “blog gate” – there are times he gives me much to write – and, like this year, times he reduces the flow to a trickle – and that is hard to learn – to learn to listen and rest. When God is the gate-keeper – everything works at the just-right pace!

  5. It’s hard to stay at the pace my life allows. I want too badly to keep up with rest of the blogging pack. I’ve learned from experience, however, if I push too hard I burn out quickly and my recovery time (the time it takes for my brain to reset and be able to think writing again) is very, very long. I’m slowly learning to let the Holy Spirit lead even when it comes to blogging. He really does care about it ALL. Thanks for sharing Meg.

    1. Basically you just said point blank how I deal too. I am a ponderer, and a slow processor so if I rush it truly works against me. Hey – I think I’ll Tweet that LOL. Thanks Kelli, He really is leading in all areas amen!

  6. Being a mom of young kids as well as writing is like trying to hold onto two full time jobs. I am glad you are recognizing that slowing down and going at your own pace is the answer for you. You share some great wisdom here for moms in a similar position as yours. Blessings!

  7. I hear ya! But, when we start to feel the pressure, that should be a signal that something is out of balance. Amen? When we do His work, His way, in His power, the pressure to preform should vanish.

  8. Hi Meg,
    I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to! 🙂 Love all the tips and especially the graphic of the girl juggling it all — so true! I’m not even a mom and I think my blog writing takes up too much time and I’ve got to figure out a way to write faster! 🙂 Hope you are doing well, my friend — I’ve missed popping over here lately, but it looks like you’ve done another little site redesign – looking great (as always!) xoxo

    1. Thanks for popping in, Valeria and I’ve been wondering about you too! Yes, in my most resent newsletter by email I confessed my love for wall art and changing things around..in real life it trickles over to my blog haha! I hope you are doing well!

    1. Ha, yes I am glad to know I am not the only one who can’t have one without the other LOL. I guess my desire to let others know they are worth my time and that I care is pretty large. I get this. Thanks!!

  9. It’s like you read my mind…my heart. I was gung-ho to write and write and write some more in 2017. But Monday, this week, I hit publish for the 2nd time this year. I decided that my writing needs to be more the Lord’s leading and not my desire to be heard. Anyway, thanks for this post. What an encouragement. And I subscribed to the Writing from Rest series. I look forward to gaining encouragement there. Have a blessed week!

    1. This really blesses me that you would share your heart, friend. I am praying for you and God really will lead you in all things. He will fill you up and you won’t even have to worry an ounce about the world, except to keep praying for it and loving those in it! Hope this week is blessed and thanks so much for signing up!

  10. Meg – Preach it girl! You are so right a blog can be powerful, but its just a tool, not something to rule or overtake us. I love that you are promoting Ruth’s stuff too… she is fantastic. Thanks for hosting today. blessings to you

    1. You are welcome! Her free blog help sign up is only available for 5 more days here: https://eliteblogacademy.com/bloggingmadesimple and if you haven’t heard of cisneroscafe.com she offers freebie each Wednesday by email. This week it was a video she found on bullet journaling. Okay sorry to dump more info on you but it is just that kind of night here at my house LOL. I am writing it all down in my planner so thought I’d share!

  11. Oh my Lord… all the yes and amens! I love this, Meghan! I would sign up but right now I have so much Life going on that I barely remember that I have a blog. I had to slow down and let it go once we planted a church. The Lord assured me that it is just for a season but I so love the consistency of posting and creating community. But for now – He has me focused more on creating community with the people right in front of me… and yet I know He still has plans for my online spaces, too! Grace, grace! (I have to give it to myself on purpose these days!) xoxo

  12. Meg,
    Yes! 🙂 Love how you’re giving yourself grace and trusting God to lead you day by day…and because of that, you’re encouraging other moms, too 🙂 I’ve changed the amount of writing I do in different seasons of life so it is wise and smart of you to know what works for you. Pray God continues to give you wisdom in your writing journey 🙂

  13. I am so thankful that after 8 years of blogging I’ve finally given up trying to be perfect. There are so many things that the big bloggers do that would only cause me undue stress. At least in this area of my life, I finally have control (well, God does, but you know what I mean 🙂 ) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh yes, Barbie. I have a post with a low-grade rant about influencer imitating but I haven’t shared yet. It’s a back and forth battle of wanting do what works without comparison/striving but wanting to be my real self. God is in control you are right! You are doing great. God bless you friend!!!

  14. Meg, you are doing amazing work, sister! I just had to stop by and say that. Keep doing this: the adventuring and the resting and most of all: the encouraging! Sharing on my facebook page later today.

    1. Yes we do! And it’s funny you say that because “permission” is one of the topics I am writing about in my upcoming ebook. How we mom’s sometimes feel we need it. It’s hard to know the balance in today’s culture and we sometimes feel we never do enough. It’s tiring at times! Thanks for hanging out here it means a lot. God bless you!

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