How to kick comparison to the curb and stay the course when every message seems to pull at you.


I had a vision in my head of where my blog was headed.

Journal out, pen scrambling to keep up with my thoughts, the ideas were burning in my heart like a marshmallow over an open fire.

Inspired and energized, I was so thankful God was answering my prayers.

I closed my book and could barely get a wink of sleep that night.  Tempted to the burn the midnight oil, I rolled over and made myself go to sleep. No more of that.

More days ahead, Meghan. More days ahead, if the Lord willing.

Waking up the next morning, I brewed my java and did my rounds through out the house. When I sat down to my laptop, I knew I had to check my email first.

Y’all. E-mail is my downfall.  I am getting better, but it is like at the bottom of my “what I really want to do today” list. Don’t believe it’s that bad? Read this.

As you know, I was totally anti-planner before.

Don’t judge me but if you can’t imagine an artsy-fartsy gal trying to “remember” everything she needs to, just read that link above.

Now that I practically live out of my planner and blog out of my planner (more on that in the current series Writing from Rest), I have to write in *email* as one of my to-do’s.

After having such an inspired week I really wasn’t expecting to feel the way I was about to feel:  gobsmacked.

Is that a word now days?

I am subscribed to an awesome entrepreneur who has a gift for helping others and there was a new email from them, staring right back at me, threatening to bring my current high -down low.

What the title said wasn’t bad by any means but it made me question what I was doing at the particular moment.

After a moment of doubt, I had to take a breath and remind myself that not every message or email from a leader/blogger/etc will be for me right then in that moment.

This has happened before. I am human. Sometimes I open them and sometimes I don’t. Not because of the title. That has nothing to with it.

It’s just this: I really love their work and want to stay signed up -but not today or not right now.


Sometimes we are ON the path we are supposed to be on and need not feel guilty or doubt.


 Usually I have to tune the rest of the world out to hear God over it.Tweet


I hope this made sense today. It was on my heart to say it, because each of you means so much to me and I am thinking am not the only one has had to deal with this issue before…

Keep up the faith and know if you are talking to God about it, He will lead you the right way.

Blogger friend…want to read what I learned about organizing email to keep the ol’ inbox tidy and clean? 


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2 thoughts on “How to kick comparison to the curb and stay the course when every message seems to pull at you.

  1. Sound advice here Meghan. I am training myself to prioritize not only my emails but my time with God. I want no distractions. I’ve learned the world will not end if i I miss a FB post or read an email later. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your thought process. I wanted to also tell you my happy board is still going strong too:) Have a wonderful week and may God continue to bless you and yours in all your endeavors.

    1. Time with God is them most important thing amen. This is what I hope reverberates through out the series this goes along with. I’ve been sending the subscribers weekly tasks and they all start with prayer. I appreciate you friend and it’s good to hear you are doing well! Praying for you too as you journey on for Christ!

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