When a blogger wants to stop writing all over the proverbial map.

blogger map, finding focus

I have a confession to make: My mind is sometimes all over the place. Okay, mostly..all over the place.

This series you are reading? Yeah, I needed it. Bad.

My creative mind is like a cheetah on steroids some days, with new ideas and photographic visions.  And I really want a rubber pencil. If they don’t exist, I think I’ll try and patent a design. I have a feeling they exist though…

That creative breakfast scramble, the poem about my mushy gushy marriage, the prayer for the hurting souls, a rant about education stereotypes, graphics of pine trees, OH -and a walk through the book of Ruth.

All over the map with topics, no certain direction.  But my fate wasn’t sealed.

scatter-brained blogger, unfocused

After 4-5 years of trying my hand at blogging, I am finally discovering the benefit of narrowing down my writing focus.

But it’s so hard y’all.  Life is abundant and full. What ever will I choose?

I still have a long way to go but am seeing that finding a writing voice is a process that only happens as I put pen to paper and actually.just.write.

Whether a woodworker or an executive, if you want to be good, you have to learn your craft.

– Jeff Goins, source


How does a writer learn their craft?

A writer learns their craft by being teachable and by practice, practice, practice.

I told you before about my past failed business attempts, but I never mentioned the gold nugget I took from those failures.  It was this: Be willing to learn from others.

In recent days, my passion and pride would collide and then came the flop.

You don’t have to sell out to be willing to learn from another.

I personally appreciate passionate writers who share advice as if meeting at a coffee shop. This kind of help is a great blessing in my opinion.

I’d still be writing even if I wasn’t published, because writing isn’t just what I do — writing is who I am.

– Lisa Shearin, New York Times Best Selling Author, source

What should a writer’s goal be?

I will answer this by telling you what a writer’s goal shouldn’t be.

Don’t let making money, people pleasing, or desire to be known – be your goal. If these become your goal, you will not be living the abundant life God has called you to.

Anytime I find my flesh man  getting caught up in the rigmarole of these jumbled webs, I pull back for a pit stop. Taking a breather to refocus is essential here.

If I only worked for the money, I’d hate working. It’s not enough to sustain. The creative person just does their thing & money is a bonus.

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So, how do I narrow down my writing focus then?

There are different methods and they are not difficult to try, but it takes the discipline of “butt-in-chair” and the patience to observe over time.

This isn’t for everyone. This advice is more geared toward the overwhelmed blogger who is tired of too many thought bubbles when they sit down at the drawing board.

If this is you and you want to keep writing but want a focused framework when you sit down to write, sign up for the Writing from Rest course series where I suggest what helped me make progress just since the holidays!

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Here’s a Recap of the Course so Far:write from rest blogger mom course series

  • Week 1 Carving Out Time

  • Week 2 Staying in Community

  • Week 3 Being Resourceful

  • Week 4 Narrowing Focus

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10 thoughts on “When a blogger wants to stop writing all over the proverbial map.

  1. Dear Meg,
    I have appreciated your series about “Writing from Rest” so much. It confirms so much of what God has speaking to me in the place of Stillness where He has brought me. It’s not easy to slow down, and let Him narrow the focus of our swimming thoughts, but you are right, that it is so necessary! –Blessings and Hugs to you!

    1. You are so right. If anything, in today’s culture, slowing down is more of a challenge than working. At least it feels that way! I am super excited you are a part of this journey with me. Next week is one of my favorite weeks, and I am compiling everything for an e-book so I can dig a little deeper for readers if they want. Please be praying for me in this en-devour. It is definitively new territory for me. I love your word stillness. I am a big fan of it but it is for sure a discipline, LOL!

    1. Hey thanks, Julie! I am working on making sure all the posts have links at the bottom so they are easy to navigate. Same goes for the extra content my subscribers are getting each week. I am praying for you and we ALL always can learn. You are doing a gorgeous job and post truth that helps me grow spiritually so I am thankful for you!

  2. I’m like you, too, with my thoughts all over the place and writing whatever comes to mind whenever. I’m sure I could use some planning to help me focus. Blessings to you! xo

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