How to keep your emails organized and your inbox tidy.

stressed out blogger mom overwhelmed need balance, organize your emails today

I was zeroed in on my goal but found myself becoming quickly distracted by my arch nemesis: email.

I love to create and I love to read, but fishing through so many words can make my head spin.

I remember reading somewhere about the importance of keeping a tidy inbox in order to reduce stress.

I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you can say taco cart and I started off by deleting ALL of my emails.

Yup. That’s right. I said it. All.

I was just so stressed out to the max about going through the hundreds to almost thousands (yes I said thousands) that I wanted to do a clean sweep to start off on my new path.

I know some wouldn’t agree, and maybe there were a few important emails that got lost but I will tell you apparently they weren’t that important because I don’t miss them.

SO what did I do?  I will tell you the method I use now, but remember this one thing: It won’t work if it is not kept up.

Creating a small slither of designated “email time” each day or on your weekend, will be a solid cornerstone to keeping your inbox tidy. – Tweet

You stop the keeping up, it’s going to all unravel baby.  Make it a household chore. For real.


My #1 email tip to help keep bloggers focused.

my #1 tip for bloggers to deal with email overload and to stay focused

Organize your email quickly and efficiently by taking action right away:

  • Put it in its proper folder, because just letting them pile up only makes life harder.
  • Respond to it.
  • Read it and delete it.

Usually it is the first option, because I don’t always have time to read and respond to all of them right then.

Here’s an example of how you could label your email folders:


The list could go on and on…

I didn’t start this until last year, late summer and it had really helped a ton. 

This article was intended to help you realize your bloated email inbox is not a hopeless case.  If you do not want to dump 100% off your stress-ball and start fresh as I did, give yourself a doable goal of going through and deleting 25 per day.

As you go through them, unsubscribe from any that you do not wish to read anymore. This will alleviate unnecessary stress.

Do you have a favorite method for handling an overloaded email inbox? Share with the tribe below!

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8 thoughts on “How to keep your emails organized and your inbox tidy.

  1. Meg,
    I love your posts! I read the one before this one about honing in a few topics to write about but I had to laugh a little because that’s what makes you so lovable! 🙂 I’m also laughing that you deleted all your emails (quite brave of you!) but really if you didn’t need it then, you probably won’t need it in the future. I save emails that I think are amazing then I go back and read them and can’t even remember what struck me so profoundly about them! 🙂

    Your posts are a slice of your life and I think they’re entertaining, helpful and encouraging! 🙂 xoxo

  2. I started multiple email accounts, based on the purpose and place. I have my “old” general email. I have one with my blog name, that I use for work (blogging, resumes, social media managing, book reviews, product reviews). I have one for ministry. Then there are a few for other clients that I manage, that way I don’t miss inquiries for reprint permissions, etc. yes, it’s the folder idea expanded a bit. They are all gmail based, so I can access them on my phone.

    1. Yes I actually have two accounts with gmail. Your brain must run more smoothly though. I’ll confess I’m just now getting the hang of having 2. I’m not a great juggler by any means. Maybe it takes practice?? Thanks for the info! Its nice to learn from others seriously!

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