How Mrs. Slow impacted Mrs. Fast. #shortstory #fmf

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In honor of doing this week’s #FMF word justice, I waited until a day later to write my piece.  The word is SLOW.  Five minutes of unedited wordage and here I go..


Help me. I am two people.  I am Mrs. Slow and Mrs. Fast.

Mrs. Slow knows where to go when she wants godly rest.

Mrs. Fast thinks she can learn it all in a jiff, so she says, “Not now, rest is for babies,” and ends up in a miff.

Mrs. Slow went to visit Mrs. Fast one day and as they visited, a great epiphany dawned.

Mrs. Slow wasn’t ready to go, but Mrs. Fast had other plans.  So as she was fixin to rush Mrs. Slow off in the nicest way possible, she slipped on the ice and became immobile.

Mrs. Slow then became quick and rushed to her friend’s side fast.  As the weeks went by, Mrs. Fast watched as her friend never left her side.

She learned first hand the gift of slow and care.  When she healed she wasn’t the same and Mrs. Slow became even slower as her health declined.

Who but Mrs. Fast would be so kind but to come and stay by her side?

It’s true this is what happened in the story in my head. Most days I feel like two people, but they help each other so I guess that’s good. Enough said.


Mrs. Slow represents who I am when I am in rest mode, think mode, building mode.

Mrs. Fast represents who I am when mt creative juices are flowing thus finding it hard to make room for pausing.

But pausing is important; each has a purpose… and so you see how each personality helps the other to stay in line.


This was a 5 minute free write, no edits involved, with Kate Motaung & the crew for #FiveMinuteFriday.  Check out her blog to find out more about this writing community! Yesterday’s word prompt was S-L-O-W.

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10 thoughts on “How Mrs. Slow impacted Mrs. Fast. #shortstory #fmf

  1. I loved this great allegory, Meg! This would be great as a short skit for a Mom’s Group! I am blessed to see the way that God is letting your creativity rise to the surface. Blessings and Hugs to you!

  2. I find I am more creative when I make room in my life for slowness. We tend to be going at breakneck speed around here much of the time too. I’ve had a wicked case of bronchitis for the past month, so forced slowness. I’ve learned a lot and hope to do better at maintaining this pace than my previous more frantic one. Happy Monday! Visiting from FMF today

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