For moms at home: Find a creative outlet that energizes you.

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Do you have a pastime that just simply makes you feel exhilarated?

Is there something you do that when you think about it, makes your brain come to life?

Us busy moms have to make time for the thing that feeds our souls.

If we only say yes to everyone else and always say no to ourselves, we will become drained quick and wonder where we went wrong.

Too often in the past, I was quick to bend over backwards for everyone else without thinking about it or praying about it first. This would put me in pickles at times.

Though this is thoughtful and kind, it can overfill one’s schedule causing stress and chaos, sometimes unfulfilled promises.

When my life revolved around being everything to everyone else, I became depleted and depressed.  Cheerfully giving had turned into a lack of spiritual and soul rest.

I had to whittle out all the excess and start from scratch in order to hear God’s voice for my life, better.

I don’t do well with big crowds, high pitch noises, and too much on my plate at once.

This was a description of what I had created for myself, and myself couldn’t take it any longer.

In a process of healing that God brought me through, I began to blog.  In the midst of blogging I began to share pictures that I had taken. Some that I shared were not my own, but the ones I had the most fun with were the ones I crafted myself.

Looking back at my hobbies, I can see one common denominator among all of them.

I took pictures, I drew, I read and I wrote. No matter what it was, I was doing all of these things.

tree drawing
sketch by Meghan Weyerbacher

The common denominator I see is this: creating

I can see this one common thread woven up until the present. It’s a passion that I just can’t stop…this creating.

When I cut back on trying to be everything to everyone, I found time to create whatever it was that came to mind that day.

Creating is essential to me because it allows me to put my hands to the plow when I am not able to even leave the house most days.

Many stay-at-home moms experience some level of depression. I get it.

“I want to be like those entrepreneurs with success stories that all began with waking up early to chase their dreams. It’s just not happening.” –

I seriously get it. Plus we’ve been down to one car for almost six months.  A previous time, when my kids were babies, we were also down to one car.

I feel like I have been living this life of “momschooling from home without dad” for so long, I could do it with a blindfold, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

I do handle stress and emotions better than I did before, and one of the ways is from what I discovered about the power of self care and soul food. I wouldn’t say it’s some newfound knowledge hidden away in a cavern just now being discovered in 2017.

However, when you are a mom of littles trying to do everything it seems, it takes a bit longer in your journey to find your niche. And maybe it’s not just stay at home moms, I get that too.

The point is, we need to be okay with doing fun things within God’s boundaries. For too long I thought it was wrong to enjoy life. That it meant I was seeking pleasure in the world and putting it above God.

What changed for me was the day I realized I could take the very thing I loved and do it for God’s glory. Now it’s like a double mocha latte with whip.

I get to do what I love while bringing honor to my Maker. I get to experience fulfillment because I have intentionally decided to make time for the thing that energizes me.

Ultimately, Jesus is my fulfillment and having a right relationship with Him energizes me. As a believer that is a given that never gets old and keep me in awe.

Taking pictures is one of my favorite creative outlets, and doing it within the means He has given me, is where I experience peace and a level of stokedness I never knew before.

Allowing myself to get away from certain tasks so I can be creative in others, also helps me write from a place of rest.

It’s like my brain has had a break and it works better afterwords.

I don’t know what it is about shutting the thinker off for a while and just creating art, but it truly helps in many areas of my life.

We moms at home with our youngens’…we can find something right here that we can dig our hands into. We can apply ourselves to something that refreshes us.

We can do this. It is not wrong. It just may be the thing God uses to speak to us and to others through us. It may even fill us “soul much” that our family wonders why we are different.

They will see a change in us because the change started on the inside.

It started with saying yes to something good that God said was good first.

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5 thoughts on “For moms at home: Find a creative outlet that energizes you.

  1. Doing what I love for God’s Glory–YES! I’m so in over my head with creativity these days, its almost more than I can handle, but it is such a gift from God that fills my days and makes my life so beautifully colorful! Thanks Meg! ❤

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