Writers and bloggers can effectively deal with outside distractions, guilt-free.

Writers and bloggers can effectively deal with outside distractions.

The white screen sits before me begging to be painted on.  The letters pop up on it one by one, forming stretched out thoughts concluded with punctuation.

A light shines from the corner of my eye, proceeded by a tiny ding.  Notification. I get up and mute it, and put it under my pillow for good measure.

Putting a healthy boundary on the things that tempt me to get sucked into the endless time vortex, has been quite freeing and fruitful.

When the compassionate soul gets distracted every 5 seconds…

Facebook was one of the first things to get cut back recently, but I unfollowed almost everyone about six months ago, except for a few so it wasn’t like I was missing too much.

Twitter is the one that seems to call my name lately, saying “Find out what’s going on in the world. Now. Click over here, you know you want to.”

Then when I don’t I struggle with doubt that maybe I don’t care? But I think that’s the enemy making me feel bad, because God knows I care. Oh, I do.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and when I see hurts it is hard for my to continue on doing what I was doing. I feel the need to drop it all, and sometimes I do to pray, but then getting back to work is hard.

I tend to take on the weight of the world easily. Whew.  I gotta’ take a deep breath in and let my big God have it. All the problems.

And refocusing is sometimes a challenge when you want to try and fix everything for everyone.  God knows I need help in this area.

That is why I go extreme when dealing with “distractions.” Because I know if I don’t stay honed in, I will never get any of the work in front of me accomplished.


There is a balance. You don’t just shut the world out forever.

There is a place you can get where you learn to work diligently and thoroughly, saying no to the things out there right now, because you’ve already went to God about it before you began.

I think this is key for heavy hearts.

Before we begin working, we should have already spent time with our Maker – because the abundant life flows out of that time with Him.

It really will help your weary soul, I promise.

There’s also a couple of fun challenges I want to present to you to try this week that will help you deal with distractions. Just subscribe below to get started!

Tell me about your methods and convictions. Do you have a way to get a handle on all the techy extras and constant information overload that beckons us to soak every line up?

Next week I will share Dealing with Distractions part 2, when the “distractions” are from humans rather than things.

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*This series is only part of the story of how I am learning to write from rest.  I am delving deeper into the issues in the e-book I am writing.  I hope to share a few testimonials on this series when the book when it releases.

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 Feel left behind? Stop! Breathe.

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Here’s a Recap of the Course so Far:write from rest blogger mom course series

  • Week 1 Carving Out Time

  • Week 2 Staying in Community

  • Week 3 Being Resourceful

  • Week 4 Narrowing Focus

  • Week 5 Time & Method

  • Week 6 Distractions Part 1

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18 thoughts on “Writers and bloggers can effectively deal with outside distractions, guilt-free.

  1. I am thankful for the words that you are sharing from God’s heart! They are helpful and true. It’s so easy to get distracted, and not listen to that one, still, small voice inside. I am trying not only to learn to be more still, to hear what He says, but to let Him help me follow through with His strength. Blessings to you as you continue to write your ebook!

    1. Yes, Bettie – His voice is #1 and the culture is tough to contend with! The constant tug of war heart-pull lessens the more I say yes to God, and I have to say when I made a deal with myself to do the 30 minutes a day of social media, it really helped. Feeling free within those boundaries removed the guilt from overindulging before. I am soooo thankful you are giving feedback on this. I have meant to ask more from you all, life has just been a bit on the fast side at home. I think it’s from catching up on all the kids appointments and feeling the stretch of having to borrows moms car a lot (we pass it back and forth right now!) After a while it wears one out. I am encouraged by you each week, friend. Praying for you!

  2. Thank you for this call to undistracted writing — and really to undistracted following. As Christian writers/bloggers, we really can’t draw a line between our walk and our work as one seems to flow into the other.

  3. Seriously Meg, are you reading my mind?! 😉 I was just talking to my husband two minutes ago about this issue of having way too many distractions to get my work done and balance everything else. Seek God first… thank you again for another timely post! ❤

    1. And I didn’t even have fear the pillow would catch fire, Julie!! (haha remember seeing those meme’s go around where the phones burnt people’s blankets and such due to overheating?) Too many worries. Casting them on God woot! Love ya gal!!!

  4. Hey Meg – We are so 2 peas in a pod.! LOL distractions, oh boy do i have them… I have just recently forced myself to put my phone away and not answer it, or check social media or email during certain periods of time. I love your thoughts on this and your whole writing from rest series is so good! I am usually so busy that I stay up late when the house is quiet and I write, but rested is not what I would call myself. sorry, it took me so long to comment, I got busy and distracted with getting my Thursday link-up done… hey quick question – I read your comment above to Susan – your part opens at 7 am? I thought it was 4pm? ahhh, how did I miss you changed it to earlier?

    1. Yes it switched a while back sorry!!! Life has different seasons and there’s just times we don’t rest as much. You are such a blessing and are serving. I am praying for you as you share the gospel with people friend!

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