Abandon the cart. #amwriting #fmf

#amwriting #fmf #fmfparty Abandon the cart.


It was time to rise up from the lifeless form I had adhered myself to.  Face looking upward, neck bending slowly, my eyes met with the sun and my soul sang loudly.

The death of hindrances had come.  No more lurking out the back door to see if I was good enough to step into the world of dreams.

No more chasing the influencers but now I was finding who I was meant to be.

Grabbing a hold of the top of my hat, I jumped onto the moving cart called, “Life’s Crazy Journey.” With all I had and with all my might, I moved to the front where the driver sat, slowly turning the old, wooden wheel.

The driver had not yet noticed me, so I took this opportune time to observe his nature. He hummed a funny tune as no one joined along.

He smiled and laughed as he sang his little song.  His beard was scraggly but he seemed to not even care.  Then he looked over at me and said, “I knew you were there.”

His knowing my existence didn’t stop him from being free.  He just kept on keeping on, and that really inspired me.

I smiled and sat down, looking back at my backdoor as it faded further away. So long fear-embedded strife,  I am abandoning your cart for this new one called LIFE.


This was a five-minute free write. This week’s word is ABANDON. Join the crew at Kate’s place.  It’s fun, seriously. Let your guard down and write baby, write. #fmf

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16 thoughts on “Abandon the cart. #amwriting #fmf

  1. Love this factual fiction! I think that is your author slant. Forgive me if I’m on the wrong “Train of Thought!?” I imagined your story as if I was a kid on the Polar Express. I love that book and movie. I love this post! Thanks for sharing. Jenn FMF

  2. Meg, I love your allegories! I hope you are compiling all of them together, as I think they would make a wonderful book someday also! Here’s to abandoning all of those old fearful carts! –Blessings and Hugs

  3. Loved this! I felt like I was riding on that cart along with you. I need to abandon fear too. I’m in the 41 spot this week.

    1. Yay! The feedback is priceless I promise. I have found that just being myself has been way more fruitful than striving to try and fit a formula so my picture-mind takes over most of the time. Have a blessed week!

  4. what an amazingly creative simile! You’re right, leaving fears, etc. behind needs be similar to abandoning a shopping cart! We may briefly think of the items we didn’t check out (and pay for), but for the most part, that shopping episode is over. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog this week!

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