Writers & bloggers: There’s a right & wrong way to push through the work.

She was up against the clock. The deadline loomed over her head and she thought she’d try to sneak in a few hundred more words while the kids were playing.

She quietly made her way to the writing nook and opened her laptop ever so hushed, as if nervous someone somewhere would hear hinges in need of oil.

Headlines and subtitles later, she got interrupted just like that. Her phone was beeping from afar and her kids ran in the room, arguing about whose burp was louder.


In this scenario she had two choices:

  • Try to work through the noise.
  • Get up and walk away from the tempting piece of machinery that was bound to lose.

She opted for the latter this time, but some days she didn’t.

Can I be honest? She is me and sometimes I want my way bad.

But I have learned that if it’s just “one of those days” where the kids are more needy than normal, it is more wise to give it to them than withhold it and fight a battle never meant to be fought.

Sometimes less is more and these are the kinds of “writer” lessons I am going to be delving more into soon.


Because after years of blogging, namely this last one of narrowing down my focus, I have discovered something:

People matter, more than “things.”

Not only does this fit into Week 7 of Writing from Rest, but it is timely as my blog gets merged over to a new one.

I have more news but it’s top secret…

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  • Week 1 Carving Out Time

  • Week 2 Staying in Community

  • Week 3 Being Resourceful

  • Week 4 Narrowing Focus

  • Week 5 Time & Method

  • Week 6 Distractions Part 1

  • Week 7 Distractions Part 2

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14 thoughts on “Writers & bloggers: There’s a right & wrong way to push through the work.

  1. Yes, Meg, I agree with Christine!This series has been such an encouragement to keep walking with God throughout the whole writing process. And, life moments with the people God has given us–those are where HE is writing the main story, right? Blessings and Hugs to you, friend!

  2. Oooh Meg! This is so good, I love that you have found your jam and that you are writing on a topic that so many can relate too! While my kids are not small and underfoot or needing attention, I still need to be mindful that people matter more than writing, or well, any thing else. Preach it girl!

    1. Yes it’s one I need to come back to periodically. I giggled when I read your comment because that’s exactly how I feel with finally narrowing down my focus even more. God is awesome!! God bless you Debbie!!

  3. I hear you, Meg. This is something God has really impressed on my heart this year. To live first, then blog. For me, that means I don’t get so caught up on the should and have-to and give myself grace. Amen…home and family are more important than words.

  4. You’re a wise woman and a wise mom, Meg! Thanks for sharing this… “People matter more than ‘things.'” I appreciate your reminder. Bless you and your ministry! Following you at Crystal’s this week.

  5. Hi Meg, I see some of my favourite people here in the comments 😉😉
    Yes people matter more than things…oh gal when an idea pops up I simply grab my journal scribble in the details and continue with real life conversation with *people*.
    Hugs Meg.
    God bless

    1. Amen Ifeoma. It can be easy for me to compare my progress with others and God is showing me another way…Write from Rest series was His idea LOL. He is helping me and He blesses me with YOU ALL too!!! Thanks girl, keep on with the good work. +

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