When a blogger has more tools than they know what to do with.

More and Less Balance. Text on a sheet of paper.

Request accepted. I was in.  They let me into the group. Now I would have even more advice for the vocation I was in!

But I scrolled through and became overwhelmed with the amount of information before my eyes. Immediately, discouragement tried to set in as I felt ill-equipped to find the “starting line.”

Sometimes we don’t need to add more onto our pile, we just need wisdom for what we already have. – Tweet this

I took a deep breath and told myself to lighten up.

Clicking all the boxes away, I turned my head away from the screen to think.  Walking away was my best line of defense.

When all else fails, doing something else usually helps me to gain clarity.

Just two hours later, I saw a sign-up for writers wanting to know more about x, y, and z.  I though to myself, “Well I’d better, or I might miss out if I don’t take the chance!

This is true, but after a few moments of contemplation about the previous overwhelm that came over me, and the current work load I had, I opted out this time.

More clicking off of boxes.  Oh look, there’s the blinking cursor telling me to write.  I should probably do that instead.

Just when you think you’ve unplugged and gone on a frontier adventure, your phone reminds you this is not so.

Yes, sometimes I put it under my pillow, but sometimes I need it. And when I am on it, there’s lots of options. I am talking to the choir today, I know.

Those options tell us there’s a better way!

This time there was another new app available to help edit photos. But should I?

I already had a nice editor.  I knew how to work it. It was comfy in my hands. Should I try something new or stay where I was?

Each scenario is unique.  Sometimes we should stay, sometimes we should go.

And sometimes we don’t know if we should go until we put our foot forward.and.go. Maybe changes will need to be made later on. That’s okay.  

One thing’s for sure, there are lots options everyday of our lives in the culture we are living in, in the USA.

This is just a small fraction of what can happen in one single day as I sit in front of my computer to work.  If you are a writer, you probably experience this too.

Joining social media groups are not bad, free offers and webinars are actually quite cool, and we all know a well made app can make a rugged task more smooth.

Have you taken inventory of your techy closet lately? – Tweet

If I see so much that I can’t focus on a few main things but instead get overwhelmed by the abundance of non-relevant, random things, I know full well it’s time for a deep cleaning.

It’s okay to cut it back.  It’s okay to not be doing everything that everyone else is doing. Even if it’s a good thing. – Tweet

As I’ve said before, we are all different paces going different places.  We can’t expect for everything that worked for ___ to work for us just like that.

And it’s not bad to try either!  We can step out and try new things that may help us. And if they don’t we can say, “Well, that was nice but no thanks!”

So in everything we do, we can glorify God by having faith, working our best, and putting it all in His hands.  Even techy tools. Yes, even those.  Tweet


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*Before you link up I have an announcement!  First off, the contest prize package reveal was supposed to be today but due to back-order on a couple items with Amazon, I will have to push it back a week. I am so sorry!

Secondly, you all have been here through a few blog changes in between the weekly teaks I have made.  Well, I believe God has revealed to me the more specific niche I need to be in, because I am passionate about it and find it comes natural.  I have been working on a new site with my official theme and business info for a while now.

I felt like He gave me a green light to go ahead a few weeks into this series. I wanted to prepare as I wrote my first e-book.  I wanted everything to be legit and look professional, so soon when you come here, it will be really different, but I hope it will be a benefit to you.  This is my desire.

If you desire to unfollow me or anything due to the changes, that is totally fine.  I understand!  I hope I can continue blessing you though, as you do me.

When you type up FaithAdventures.Me in the near future, it will redirect you so no worries!  I will appreciate feedback when it goes live, and I will be having a poll for you to participate in if you so feel led.  This will take care of the #TeaAndWord linkup button issue, or you can opt to keep the one you have.  I finally feel like I found my sweet spot. Praise God right?

Thanks again friends. xoxo -Meg

**You all are so encouraging and inspiring to me.  I appreciate you taking the time to link up, and know if you can’t that is totally fine too!  We can’t do it all and do them all well.  I love you all, am praying for you…here you go!

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11 thoughts on “When a blogger has more tools than they know what to do with.

  1. I love this. ..and relate to it so well. Sometimes it feels easier to jump on the next bandwagon than to do the work in front of us. Fear of missing out plagues and insecurity grows as we see tool after tool, most of which are good. But not all tools are designed for me, and some that are may not be for right now. Trusting that God will bring exactly what we need when we need it as we do the work He puts on front of us is hard, but so freeing!

  2. Dear Meg, Oh this is so encouraging for me: “So in everything we do, we can glorify God by having faith, working our best, and putting it all in His hands. Even techy tools. Yes, even those.” I sometimes feel so lacking with those “techy tools” and can easily get overwhelmed! So thank you for the reminder to keep putting it all, even the techy side, into HIS hands to carry me through. Blessings & Hugs to you!

  3. Sigh. The techie tools chase all the oxygen out of the room, for me. So much to manage, and I know that I barely scratch the surface. If only there were away to blog without using computers . . .

  4. Even techy tools? yes, even those – LOL technology and I do not get along and I usually get frustrated, but I love this post and I love how you say, not to compare ourselves or feel the need to have to do everything so and so is doing. I really love your heart and transparency, becasue I am sure we all can relate to feeling like we have to sign up for the next best thing or we will miss out…. I know I do and then I get so overwhelmed and end up more frustrated. Thanks for hosting – hope to see you on Thursday over at my place. 🙂

  5. I agree, there are so many great groups out there and so much more to learn but we can’t do it all. It is important to step back and make wise decisions about how we can best use the time we have and what is going to work for us, rather than feeling we have to do all that everyone else is doing.

  6. Love this! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed when I sit down at my desk. Do I write? network? pin? post? comment? Thank you for that reminder, that I know in my heart, but my mind so frequently forgets: whatever I do, do it to glorify God. He’ll take care of all the rest. ❤ Thanks Meg!

  7. Meg,

    This. Is. Great!

    I get so caught up in all the things I can do online, that sometimes I forget what I set out to do!! I think a lot of us women especially have such perfectionist tendencies that it is hard to not try to do it all and be all. This mindset just sets us up for failure.

    Thanks for the reminders.


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