Meet Meghan

Jack, my best bud. RIP, friend.

So, you are new to my blog?

I am Meghan, the short mom who commonly gets mistaken for one of her kids. 

The ladies at church whom I have grown up around, used to say, “Oh, I didn’t know you were here, Meg,” To which I would reply, “Yeah, been right over there,” as I pointed toward pews set mid-front.

“Oh, I musta’ not seen you ’cause your head looked like the back of one of the kiddos! Sorry!”

And we all laughed.

About Me:

Wife to a veteran and trucker, mom to three whom I currently home educate. Writer and photo-taker, scripture-hungry (because words are my love language) – Jesus lover and lover of all people everywhere.

Coffee, tea and taco lover. 

I have a weakness for pine trees, fresh bodies of water and mountain scenes.

Addict of the great outdoors. Could you tell?

In search of a good camera. Drop me a line if you have a favorite recommendation! 

Writing my first #Christian #fiction #novel.

Blogging and enjoying this blessed community of writers.

Longing to make a positive and Godly impact on the world, though some days things may feel more mundane than spiritual, I will choose to believe His hand is working even when I can’t see.  I want to trust that my faithfulness in the small things (sometimes tough!) is having Kingdom impact and glorifying HIS name.  I tried blogging about food and other random things but I keep honing in on and focusing on His word’s I read in the Bible, and how they are helping me in my daily life as a mom and wife.  If you are looking to follow a blog that shares more real than fluff (no offense to fluffy-loving folk), you may be in the right spot. Yes, I love Jesus but oh I fail each day and rely on HIS goodness. I hope though I fail, I am growing.  Trek with me if you need a friend. – Meg


megprofilepic                                   To read up on our #movingstory … go here.

Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @MegWeyerbacher

Join me each Tuesday @ 7am Central for #TeaAndWord here at the blog where I unearth the good in the valleys and mountaintops of life, where I am savoring the pure and simple message of the Gospel.

PS: I am not conceited really, the dot com was taken so I just ran with it:



2 thoughts on “Meet Meghan

  1. Have Matt the oldest read to the younger ones, but the younger ones have to draw what he reads about and explain their drawing.

    1. That is neat idea GeorgeAnn! We will have to try that, and Taylor loves to draw so I don’t think it will take much convincing. 🙂

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