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Meghan Weyerbacher writer

Meghan Weyerbacher is a wife of 13 years and a mom to 3. Being a military family for a decade and having their first child while her spouse was deployed overseas, she knows all too well the pain and struggles that can stem from a long distance marriage.  From Sergeant to semi-driver for the past four years, this couple has been tweaking their lifestyle to better guard their hearts, feed their souls, and keep peace & order in their home.

One of the huge lessons Meghan has learned, is the vital need for both parents in this situation to have a healthy outlet to pour themselves into during their free time.

If there is no free time – that is a problem and she wants to help you see where you can carve out space for this important factor in thriving.


“We were all created by God for God:  He has hard wired us in a special way on purpose to live a life of purpose. When we do this, being faithful with what we’ve been given, we bring Him glory & honor.”


This is the ultimate message she wants to share and hopes you will find encouragement here on her blog.  *


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Why in-home retreat?

Many people live from paycheck to paycheck and while they may be making progress to get out of debt, they may not be able to afford a hundred(s) or thousand dollar getaway. This is especially true when those who are trying to better their life are implementing self control and have put a bar on their spending.

I understand, because we have been there too. In fact we still are in many ways.

Our prayer is that one day God open a door for us to do this in person, but for now  – this is where we’re being led.

Who is this geared toward?

My adventure when creating the series Writing from Rest, led me to want to go a step further:

  • My heart is to help other overwhelmed moms coping with long distance marriage, not to feel so alone or stuck.
  • I want to share with others what I discovered, that helped me live from a place of peace and fulfillment even while being at home almost 24/7 for months on end, while my spouse was working over the road.
  • I hope you will join our prayer/support group if you do not have one!

I had to find a way to thrive and not just get by if this was what our life was going to look like.

 It took getting creative and not following the crowd, for us to find a way for our family to bloom in this difficult soil of separation.

It may not always be like this, but using what we now know and what God has given us, we hope to share encouragement, laughter, and creative fun for you (and your family!)

Talk to you soon,



Hey I am Meghan, wife and mom to a veteran and home educator to 3 kids. Writer & blogger, I hope to encourage other moms experiencing hardship or loneliness so that they can thrive right where they are.
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