Receive His Grace

Opening up my hands, I purpose to receive God’s grace in my life today.  Too often I am hard on myself, the hardness flowing over to my parenting. Equaling hard on my kids. Not proud of this, yet refusing to remain shaming myself – I take my flaws and lay them at His feet.  I … More Receive His Grace

New Channel Launch!

Welcome to #TeaAndWord Tuesday, friends!  I hope this day finds you well. Sorry I am a week later than anticipated.  My parents went out of state and we have been animal sitting for them! I am back from taking off for the month of June and have been really anticipating good things coming out of … More New Channel Launch!

Craving Inspiration.

I ask myself, “Would I rather be comfortable in the house, the air conditioner blowing, mattress below me…or would I rather be inspired?” I chose the latter. And now I am sharing with you, friend. * The luminescent strips of color as are swiped in gentle, horizontal strokes with the brush of a His Hand.  … More Craving Inspiration.