Home Schooling


We are parents of three energetic kids who we have the pleasure of trying to cultivate the love of learning into here in our home.  I myself was home taught from 5th grade-12th but wasn’t necessarily sure I would actually teach mine this way.  My children started out in public school but when my oldest moved up into first grade, about halfway through I received an email from his teacher.  She suggested home school before medicine.  She said he needed more one on one in order to keep him focused, because she didn’t have the time to dedicate to him what he needed, with a classroom of 25+ ~ which makes sense. (other verbal text bubbles are floating in my head at this point but I shall not delve into those right now)

This school year of 2015/2016 we have embarked on a new adventure with Classical Conversations.  Shortly after signing up, my husband fell out of a tree and broke both of his wrists and I had to go back to work for a while ~ this put us behind in our weekly memory work but God’s help & perseverance has helped us and now we are pretty much caught back up with the community ~ AND my husband’s wrists are healed!  I will be sharing more about our experience as God leads me, in upcoming posts.


~Meghan Weyerbacher~


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