Writing from Rest Intro

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Hey friends!


I am so glad you joined this series with me and my pals!


I have been slowly but surely been working on something over the course of the holidays until now and am really excited to share it with you.


Being a busy mom of 3 kiddos, I have had to learn largely by trial and error what works and what doesn’t work for me in order to find balance between my writing work and my home life.


I used to be an all or nothing person. I used to be a go-with-the-flow person.

After years of living this way, I discovered it was a huge part of my problem.

I had issues with follow through most of my life and it was only last year I started to see growth in that area.

Longing for personal growth and a solution to my problem “too overwhelmed and unorganized to write,” I began asking myself some deep questions to get to the bottom of it.

Questions like, “What was I doing differently during periods of my life, year, month, day, when good change and progress occurred?

I discovered many things, but one of the biggest was this:

If am going to pursue this thing [writing/blogging] I feel deeply embedded into my fibers, I am going to have to make changes in my thinking and habits.

This adventure started with a correction in my thought life:

I am allowed to pursue this [writing class, blog, e-book venture, etc..].

Once I realized the right and honorable way to think, the habits became the next step to tackle.

How am I applying this new way of thinking and daily wisdom to my days in order to get where I need to go?

I will share this and more as we go through the series.

If you are a reader only, that is fine and we welcome you!

If you are a blogger with a faith-filled post, join us each Tuesday at 7am for a live linkup where you can share your own blog post.

So go ahead. Get all excited and tell your overwhelmed blogger-mom pals that you know someone who has been there [and is still there in many ways] –but who wants to share what she has learned so far from personal experience.

Naw, naw…I am no pro. But I do have multiple failed businesses under my belt as well as a handful of years of blogging trial & error under my belt.  All of this while being a spouse, mom and home educator. Whew.

I am stoked to share the things that have helped me.  I have a schedule up on my website, but we may go further than March if needed. Don’t want to rush a good thing right?

Join me in this new adventure of kicking unneeded pressures to the curb and learning to write from a different place: rest.

Ps: There will be a chance to subscribe for special content, as well as a drawing for a “Writing from Rest” prize package!  Stay tuned for details!